News and new flavours



Good morning everyone!  Don't panic - it's still the holidays - I hope you are enjoying yours.  
My camping holiday (Il de Re) was good to very good - family dynamics obviously pulled the rating down with a sharp JERK, but the picturesque towns and shock of swimming in waves pulled the other way. 
But I had fooled myself that we were practically in the tropics, being nearly half way down France, so the all night thunderstorm took me by surprise.  No matter - we all pulled together; the kids sat down in the tent playing games all day while I slooshed, resented and moaned about getting socks dry.  I exaggerate - it was actually quite nice sleeping on a waterbed.

This week:
Rhubarb Ice cream
Care of my friend Fiona's allotment, fresh rhubarb with lovely things added - cream, yoghurt, sugar.  


Positive Association

Good Morning oh Summery Ones!

I am only here today (Friday) and Saturday, then away till Tuesday 12th August.  Come and get, or I will deliver Sat 4 - 6pm.

I have been on a one-to-one dog-training session - me, psycho-dog Archie, and Dima Dostoevsky, the pony-tailed Russian dog-whisperer (tanned, chunky and six and a half feet tall, I have his number).  

Now we treat Archie's mental health issues with food using Positive Association


  • Archie guards our house; people give him food as they enter  - they become a goodthing, he doesn't bark - simple! 
  • Archie guards a very special leaf; approach by a centimetre and reward with food if he shuts the hell up - simple!


Then there's Negative Association, when a bad thing happens if he's naughty, like putting him on the lead.  This is my preferred method with my husband when he is naughty: he snores, I thwack.  It doesn't work.  I should try Positive Association, and do somethingnice when he doesn't snore - maybe tickle his toes, or make him bacon and eggs in the morning - any suggestions??

Returning this week: 

Lemon Meringue

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.  Lemony creamy heaven with chunks of meringue.



Hello Friends and Ice Cream Slurpers!

Alan took Bonnie and mates to Latitude last weekend.  Five days of festival - ugh, I couldn't do it.  Three days in and I thought he must be bored out of his brain, so called to let him offload....but get this - he's doing YOGA every morning!  I looked at some Latitude blog and saw loads of legs waving about in the air; there in the background was a chunky pair (a bit nearer to the ground than most) which were undeniably his.  It'll be tank tops next.

Added this week

Cardamom and Mascarpone

This is your moment of luxury...cardamon infused into sweet cream.  


Spoons and Sausages

Howdy Diddly Everybody!  The holidays are here!!

We are going camping all six of us in this VAST tent that I bought before I remembered I hate people with the biggest most vulgar tent on the campsite. Alan says as its so big, we can't fit anything else in the car.  We are allowed sleeping bags but no pillows; a small gas ring but no table and chairs.  I'm fighting for a fork and a spoon per person, or it will be crouching on our groundsheet chasing a sausage around the dual-purpose bowl with a spoon, while our neighbours lounge upon their B&Q table and chairs, cocktails in chinking glasses.  Just too grim.

Or is he really saving space for wine on the homeward journey..?  

Ice-cream-wise:  I have no car - it's at Latitude.  I can deliver locally on Saturday from 6/7pm (on my bike) but not Muswell Hill etc.  You can collect any time - good idea to text first.  

Added this week

Celebration Rocky Road in Chocolate Orange Ice cream
Celebrate the end of the year with Hunks of Rocky Road in rich chocolate orange ice cream.  Ooh Baby.

Return of Lime Mascarpone
Fragrant and sharp lime in yum mascarpone.



Good Morning Friends of the Ice and the Cream!

Update on the Verdi Requiem foray: I'm getting a bit cocky with my cantabile:  this week we'd been Fearing the Fearsome Fury of God 'Fu-ry! Fu-ry!' (in Latin) for about six pages, so things were coming to a head.  This very very high note had to be nailed (DE-US!!!!), so I marked a place to fill up my lungs, opened my heart and vocal chords and went for 'DE-US!!!' with an earth-shattering squeal...

Sadly I failed to observe the preceeding minim rest, so Deus was beseeched solo by yours truly, rather than as a gang with the other 'Second Sops' (that's what the Second Sopranos call themselves, groove-it babe!).  My mortification cannot be expressed.

Ice cream wise:  Did you know I have 

ICE CREAM VOUCHERS which would be an idea for teacher presents?  


Added this week

Maple and Walnut

Tons of maple syrup with milk and cream.  Warming and wonderful walnuts.  Love this.

Rose and Lemon Turkish Delight in Rose Petal Icecream

The prettiest thing. Pale pink Rose Petal Ice cream with yummy chewy bits of orange and yellow Turkish Delight.

And Lemon Meringue is back.

Zingy creamy lemon ice cream with chunks and crumbs of meringue.