News and new flavours


Great Great Aunt Edie's Birth Certificate

Good Morning Everybody and Welcome Back!

I hope your Easter holiday has been both restful and fun.  Or one or the other.  Or occasionally restful and occasionally fun.  There, now we are in the real world. My Dad has moved to a nursing home up the road.  

I spent last week at his (now empty) house in Weymouth carrying boxes of his life into new places: 1. recycle 2. charity 3. bring to London to show uninterested chidlren what a real meccano set from the 1930s looks like 'Guys!  Look at the craftsmanship!' 'Yuk.  This stuff's all really old').  4.  Bring to London to store:  you might need your Dad's 1955 bank book one day!  And maybe Great Great Aunt Edie's birth certificate will get you out of a sticky situation at passport control...

Anyway, Dad is a compulsive hoarder and shopper.  Forty spanners.  Every copy of 'Which' since launch.  Three drawers of neatly paired socks.  Third trip so far and still not done. Quel homme!

So I am late with the ice cream and I apologise for that, but go to the parlour page and see what you fancy.




That's enough ice cream for now - I'll be back in the Spring.  

Enjoy your New Year!!


In a Mess

Good Afternoon Ice Cream Friends!

This is LAST ORDERS  please - have a 

 think and please email or text your order by Monday night. I 

need swift collection/delivery as soon as it's ready, as don't 

have enough storage. Last collection/delivery Sat 21st. 


Re EVERYTHING ELSE, are we on the same page, this Sunday 

14th December?  Check:

House - in a mess.

Presents - in a mess.

Children - bored, excited.  'Get on the computer and stay there.  I have no time for you kids - I'm too busy creating the perfect family Christmas!

Husband - slowly tying a perfect bow on his Dad's present.

The Plan: run around fast in circles for days and days.  Get to boxing day, sigh, then start clearing up again!! Yay!!

 Ice-Cream Added this week

Brandy Butter

To melt on your pudding, or eat alone.  This is yummy buttery ice cream with a brandy kick.

Vanilla Yoghurt

One of the nicest things to eat with puddings, fruit, or just by the spoonful.  Yoghurt and cream, so indulgent and dense but with yoghurt taste.


Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here


Hi Folks of the Festive Frollick!

I've fallen.  For Celebrity.  No more 'Turn off that rubbish!' - no, it's me on the sofa this time, ready and waiting for the next episode. Once a day is not enough. 'What time's Celebrity tonight??' I squeal at breakfast.

Why the change of heart?  Because turn it on and we are drugged!! We're HAPPY!! We love it! We love each other! It could be US!!

And here's the thing:  it's not crap. It's interesting. A cocktail of hunger, fear and disgust.  Some cope, some don't. Yes there are boob jobs a-plenty, but there's also Jake, so I'm not complaining.


1.12.14  Good Morning Everyone!

How did it get to be December tomorrow????  One minute it was sun-dappled autumn leaves, the next it was mud and dark at 4.15...

Three and a half weeks till Christmas.  Yes.  My mum would have been on her fifth practice of mince pies. Madness. For me, it means the DAY OF GLITTER is imminent.  Creativity and artistic freedom are obviously more important than small town concerns right? (glitter all over the house) - I'm cool enough to let the children get the glitter out ONCE a year under controlled conditions.

Ice-cream-wise, there's a mixture of normals and Seasonals, oldies and newies. If there's a flavour you were depending on for your festive season, tell me, I may be persuaded. I am going to do pear sorbet, vanilla yoghurt, and brandy butter ice cream soon.

Get tasting!!!


A Straddle Less Than A Right Angle..

Most of you are back from your hols - and looking at September with joy/horror (which?)

The Summer is a good time for new resolutions; there's time to think freely.  
I have some:
1.  Read only four books a year.  Goal: remember the title, the author, and the story (for ever, not a day).  Higher tier goal: read about the book so you can say something clever at bookgroup, but pass it off as your own idea.
2.  Spend time and money on not being achy. The already documented Zumba Gold has got the hips a-waggling, but still I can only turn my head one way (approach me from my right if you want a greeting).  I am considering yoga, but with a straddle less than a right angle - will I be allowed into the class?
3.  Pursue your own interests, now. Answer that question in your head - who is Heath Robinson? Watch that programme you want to watch even if no-one else does (insanely hard, but aim high).
This week:
Cheese-cake Ice-cream with a Buttery Biscuit Base
Base, base, base, base, a buttery biscuit base...but the star is the vanilla cheesecake ice-cream.  It will comfort you into work...