News and new flavours



I hope you are enjoying this fabulous sun. 

If you want ice cream for the bank holiday weekend, best order it now, as I am away from this Sat afternoon (23rd) to Tuesday (26th). My daughter Maddy will be here while I am away though, and can serve you if the mood takes you then.                          

Five months into sifting through my Dad's clutter, and I've become ruthless with my own; use it or lose it, oh yes!  

No point going halves, so I have included my husband Alan's clutter in the chucking process: for instance his cocktail glasses are perfect for the dump; I have been dusting these damn things and moving them from one pointless dark corner of the house to another for over twenty years now, so time to go -done! No cocktail glasses; no point in two cocktail shakers, or indeed any -chuck!  The more you bin, the easier it gets.

But I was found out!  My daughter decides to do cocktails (sod's law) with her friends to celebrate her 18th this weekend...where are the cocktail glasses, Daddy?!  Oh dear.  Little did I know Alan was more attached to those tacky goblets than to life itself. Memories of happy hours, happier days?  Or the belief that still his life could turn from slippers and sandwiches to hosting cocktail parties - from mixing paint to mixing cocktails?  He is majorly piqued; 'No consultation!' was spat out in my direction!  In my defence, I can remember only one occasion - let's call it a cocktail party! - when margueritas were slurped, on the garden bench...but since then there's only been one small demo for the children of how to mix a tequila sunrise (with ribena). For the sake of marital harmony, however, I have to replace the glasses - better get the duster ready.  

Ice Cream-wise...
New On This Week:

Caramel Crunchie
Fave flavour:  creamy dulce de leche with crushed crunchie bar

Soft Fruit Sorbet
Raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, redcurrants, cherries all in a dark delicious sorbet.



Dry and Denty

I bonded with my thirteen-year-old this week; we watched a u tuber (chloe/petula/zamela) doing their make-up. Next thing, I was lying on my daughter's bed having my own make-over. Twenty-five different dabs and rubs of this and that (open your eyes, shut, mouth like this, shut, open, it was crazy). There were tears (mine), when she misfired with the eye-lash curler and grabbed some skin ('you're too dry and denty'). When I had been tarted up to her satisfaction, I was paraded around my astonished family, grinning like a half-wit.  They inspected as you would some curious stuffed animal in the Natural History Museum and showered me with compliments for looking like an old lady with make up on.  Yay!  

Ice Cream-wise...
New On This Week:

Coconut Ice-cream

Creamy and heavy with coconut, dive in and wallow.



Election Day

Election Day! I'm going to miss the twaddle - watching politicians being blokey 'Look, I'm gonna answer you straight (mate)..' .  Good!  I deserve a straight answer; I think I'm an ordinary hard-working family (salt of the earth!) for whom Dave and Ed have pledged to balance the books. Well, look, I've got a straight question, for which I'd like a straight answer: What is the deficit, exactly?  The difference between expenditure and income? The difference between spending and borrowing? Is borrowed money income? Are loan repayments expenditure?  Is this a snap shot of the country's finances? Or an annual statement? Nobody knows. I doubt the party leaders do either, in which case 'balancing the books' is just a faded postcard from the good old days; a victorian in shirt sleeves bending over a ledger in the candle's glow - thrifty, wholesome, reliable.

Ice Cream-wise...
New On This Week:

Sunshine Sorbet
Yummalicious citrus fruits from hot sunny climes.  Orange, lemon, lime and a touch of mango. YELLOW and BEAUTIFUL. Freshen you up.

Banoffee Pie
...and calm you down.  When you need somebody. Creamy unctuous banana ice cream goes halves with caramel, chunks and crumbs of buttery biscuit base in there.



Plugged In

My children are permanently plugged in and listening to more interesting things than me, all the time.  Football commentary, 19 year old blogs, Orange is the Only Black...

'Darling, what's going on for you today?' gets silence. 'DARLING WHAT'S YOUR DAY TODAY?' Silence.  Fed up now: 'DARLING WHAT ARE YOU DOING TODAY??' I scream at earth shattering volume, quite mad. A sigh, slow removal of headphones, slow spin on the computer chair. 'What?' from the child. 'What are you up to today?!' I say nastily (hurt and pissed off).  'Nothing Mum. Calm it.  Next time can you not interrupt my programme'. Headphones back on.  Headphones off again. 'Can you find my shoes Mum?'

I am learning to a. Address the children first time at a BELLOW ('TIME FOR SCHOOL!!') and b. make it worth unplugging for - money, or food, that's it. Talk to the dog.

Ice Cream-wise...
New On This Week:

Creamy, silky and delicious elderflower, so glad to make this.

Fresh Mint with Lemon and Chocolate (ready Saturday)
Fresh mint leaves infused into syrup, lemon, cream, and some grated chocolate.




This week it was so hot I peeled off my jeans and placed the old man white legs in fresh air.  As a physical specimen I am now officially past it; no-one's 'looking' at me anymore, so may as well be comfortable. What discomfort (and what hope of romantic encounter) used to lie in frazzling my legs in sun oil in the back garden whilst 'revising' for O Levels in the mid-day sun...

So much better being old!  Shopping trolley, I truly love you; sensible anorak (zip!); and my latest addition to modest middle age comforts - a memory foam pillow shaped like a blood cell to cradle the aching neck - it fills me with utter joy. What more could you possibly want??
Ice Cream-wise...
New On This Week:

Heavy, creamy and very almondy.  Supposed to wait for Christmas but I just couldn't.
Extremely nutella-y, one third nutella melted into each pot of creamy vanilla, ooh ooh oooooh.