News and new flavours


Something beautiful came into our lives this week..

Peanut Butter Ice-cream with Peanut Brittle - tada!!

I am quite excited about this one. It can't just sit in the fridge minding its own business, but works its way into your hand when you should just be getting out the frozen peas; before you know it you've gouged another chunk out and into your gob. My husband, who loves peanuts with a passion ordinarily reserved for a beautiful woman (though obviously this hasn't been tested), is a mess.


Siblings without Rivalry

I hope you all had a FABULOUS New Year, best night of your lives and all that.

One delightful moment of domestic bliss led to another on New Year's Eve in our household, so that by 11.30 pm I'd sent both the little ones to bed. The big girls were far away from the loving nest, doing something nice in other people's houses. I went to bed too with my 'Siblings without Rivalry' book, which I knew would guarantee a better laugh than the canned jollity Alan had opted to watch downstairs.

Stage one in my book is 'Help your children express their anger (in American)'. This bit is quite good, for instance, 'Woah Bonnie! You sound REAL MAD that Alfie got to hold the remote first!' 'Say, Alfie, you've gotten REAL CRAZY, because you're sure as hell she scratched you wrenching the remote right outta your hand!' There is much nodding at this point, all going well.

But then I have to say (in American) 'Guys, I am confident that if you two put your heads together (YIKES) you will come up with a solution that is fair to the both of you!' ...and then I leave the room.

Obviously that's not going to work, so as they lob heavy objects at each other in pursuit of a fair solution, I rush calmly back into the room (Stage 2). I 'suggest' a few solutions (Hey guys! How's about you shut the f*** up?), but they can't hear because they are drilling holes in each others' eye balls.

So now it's time for Stage 3: 'Geez! This is looking dangerous! Quick - to your rooms!' smiling all the while. Fantastic. You should get a copy.

This week's New Flavour is Fresh Mint with Lemon and Chocolate - I have a set of customers for whom this is their absolute favourite; the fresh mint is a different flavour to the bottled stuff, and the bit of lemon gives a little tang to counteract the sweetness.  Quite yummy.

Bright Bold and Breathtaking!

28th December. Soon it will be time to look to the future - bold, bright and breathtaking as it is! It is NEW YEAR in three days!!!

Which is horrible. Even if you love your life and work, a week of slopping about in your slippers, yawning and watching the Disney Channel, makes the most energetic of us comatose. I am puffed out just walking up the stairs, and cannot make it to Crouch End for love nor money.

But onward we must march (and munch), and so to the Ice-cream. Since I sold out of everything, I have changed some of the flavours. Some are ready, some will be by Friday. Please order now so I get my skates on.

New Flavours this Week

Mango Sorbet - juicy, sweet mango sorbet.  A favourite. You can get this in Rhythm and in Pradera too.

Coconut - creamy smooth coconut ice-cream.  If you like coconut, this is more-ish. Also available in Rhythm and Pradera.

Lime and Mascarpone - This is a bit of a luxury right now, because limes are gold-dust.  A creamy marscapone base with sharp lime and lemon juice mixed in.  If you can't decide between citrussy-refreshing and creamy, this one is both.


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