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Lope Don't March

Hello dear folks in the month of September (yikes!) 

I hope you are keeping that holiday feeling in body and mind - no rush, stand up tall, lope don't march, stop frowning..

I have kept my post-Sark resolution to walk everywhere; Archie my dog and I have enjoyed the scenic route to Woodgreen Shopping City three times so far (you can only carry a certain amount of fruit 'n' veg in a back pack, so you have to go three times instead of once in the car...) The pure fresh air of New River Walk, praise be to Gaulish, the celtic god of water oh yay oh yay, has filled our lungs (cough) and souls and brought joy and merriment to our hearts.

Next week work starts again, so forget all that, but hey ho, another day another Doris.

This is my last batch of ice cream for the season so enjoy!!

New On:

Coffee and Cinnamon Ice Cream
A blend of two heavenly tastes - Creamy Coffee with a Cinnamon infusion
Rosemary Ice cream
A beautiful delicate and aromatic ice cream.


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