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Hi Folks,
More than a week of the school holidays gone already - I hope it's working out?  I've had about one total purple-faced loss of control per day so far, not bad; I plan quality time with a child and by the time we set off we hate each others' guts, funny!
I agreed to go to the Lush Flagship Store on Oxford Street.  ('You can get things there that you can't get in any other Lush Mummy!' - imagine my excitement). The prologue kicked in: Horizontal Eating Child, TV unit one hand, phone t'other: 'Come on Mom, let's go! You are making me late!' Martyre Mum: 'If you would clear up your b....y stuff, walk the dog,hang out the washing we could b....y-well set off!!' Horizontal One: 'You're MEAN MOM'). We spent the outward journey not talking, made up, and the return journey wondering where the notes in my purse had gone. Our next trip is to Subway.  Yes, where you buy rolls. Thank goodness we live in London so we can access all this culture. Oh Man.  

New On This Week:

Banoffee Ice Cream with Toffee Crisp

Creamy banana and caramel ice-cream with chunks of toffee crisp. Yowzer.


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