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Getting tough!

My almost-vegan Uni-Child has a thing or two to say about most things in our terrible family; for instance my fifteen year old son's eating habits which have not advanced from nursery years, and even then didn't include the obligatory pea.  Now only pure meat (and fruit scones of course, Amen) will go down his hatch without a fight or a disguised feeding to the dog.  

Fearing Uni-Child's disapproval, I have got strict with him ('Eat the healthy balanced meal I've prepared son!  If you don't like it, tough!! OH YEAH!!'). So his diet is now only fruit scones (Amen) and the occasional entire pan of bacon, as this is the only foodstuff worth coming off the computer long enough to cook. And there we have it, parental boundaries tickety-boo, son heading for heart disease. Grrrrrreat!!!!

New On This Week:

Coffee with Coffee Chocolate Liquor Sauce
Brown sugar creamy coffee ice cream with a coffee liquor sauce.

From the sublime (pistachio) to the sublimer - hazelnut is a little beauty in a pot. Rarely make this one, take your chance!


Clotted Cream with Honey comb
Homemade honeycomb shards in rich clotted cream ice cream.

Pink Grapefruit Sorbet
Pretty pink grapefruit sorbet hits the spot.  


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