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Hi Slurpers!

I hope you are having a gorgeous week.

We (me, hub, two teens, one refusal) survived three nights (which is four days) together this week in Weymouth, in my Dad's unmodernised house.  No WIFI, so pleased to report no actual physical scars, just psychological - sudden withdrawal from full-time screening took its toll on the poor babies, who mooned silently around the place, slumping briefly infront of BBC News South West (no DVD player, no catch up facility) before wandering off again.  I haven't seen either child since Tuesday when we got back as they are busy recharging their brains with FIFA and Zoella.  It was close; another day and they might have read a book or worse. 

Archie (dog) was more nuts than usual in Weymouth, guarding the whole house all night (grrrrr grrrrr).  And, not the brightest star in the sky, he never worked out that the front and side doors of the house led to the self same garden, so would go out of one for a pee, come in then cry to be let out the other door, to go to that (same) garden.  But it's ok, we punished him for his two pronged personality defects - defensive and daft - by forcing him to climb a vertical rock face from the sea to safe land - that was during one of our lovely coastal walks, during which the children didn't moan one bit, indeed they thanked me for taking them to the sea air and beautiful countryside.

Ice Cream-wise...
New On This Week:

Cardamom and Mascarpone
Luxury ice cream - cardamom infused into whole milk, mascarpone and cream. Oh gosh.  

Tons of pistachios ground into cream and sugar.  Another treat!

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I dont even like Zoella so STOP SAYING i DO

June 5, 2015 | Unregistered Commenterme

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