News and new flavours


Lope Don't March

Hello dear folks in the month of September (yikes!) 

I hope you are keeping that holiday feeling in body and mind - no rush, stand up tall, lope don't march, stop frowning..

I have kept my post-Sark resolution to walk everywhere; Archie my dog and I have enjoyed the scenic route to Woodgreen Shopping City three times so far (you can only carry a certain amount of fruit 'n' veg in a back pack, so you have to go three times instead of once in the car...) The pure fresh air of New River Walk, praise be to Gaulish, the celtic god of water oh yay oh yay, has filled our lungs (cough) and souls and brought joy and merriment to our hearts.

Next week work starts again, so forget all that, but hey ho, another day another Doris.

This is my last batch of ice cream for the season so enjoy!!

New On:

Coffee and Cinnamon Ice Cream
A blend of two heavenly tastes - Creamy Coffee with a Cinnamon infusion
Rosemary Ice cream
A beautiful delicate and aromatic ice cream.



Family Vows

Hi Everyone!!
Back from our hols, and I'm ready to renew the family vows:
'Do you, Sophie Pyett, promise not to make your family go on friggin' walks and eat friggin' picnics every friggin' holiday?  I do.'
But it was nice while it lasted.  Returning, I can't face life and want to change mine, as usual.  So I am going to walk everywhere, respect the planet, eat sitting down, take time to read, think, and take care.  And butterflies will flutter about my person, and the house will clean itself, and nobody will argue or bitch. It's going to be great. 
Ice cream wise, we are into the last few weeks of the season, so slurp away!!  

New On:

Blueberry Cheesecake 

Whole blueberries in juice swirled into a rich cheesecake with chunks of homemade buttery biscuit base base base base



Lovin' It

Hello Everyone!!
I hope you are well.  I'm loving this holiday.  Remember Summer Holidays with littles?  Getting out to one Free Family Fun or another - this park, that museum, 'Children - we're off to the library today!!' ....I feel faint at the thought.  My teens are now completely self-sufficient - they can do absolutely nothing all by themselves!  I aminvited (note) to break up the serious business of screening with a game of table tennis now and again, or to be the guinea-pig for another make-over, massage and nail buff.  What's not to like?  
All good things come to an end, and we are off for the ACTUAL HOLIDAY soon.  No worries, compulsory incarceration with their siblings is my kids' absolute fave
and always brings out the best in them.

New On This Week:

Melon and Orange Sorbet
Succulent and tropical, so melony and juicy.

Raspberry Pavlova
A deep heavy raspberry ice cream with chunks of meringue




Morning folks!! 
At fifty your body hurts. No point going to the doctor - they'll send you off to physio who'll say 'You are slumping and lop-sided - stand up youneanderthal!  Glide like an African queen!  (Someone else can carry the shopping and get yanked by the dog). Do these fifteen painful and boring exercises twenty times a day!  Put in the work!' 
What, for the rest of my life?  Exercises?  Stretching? Oh lordy. But after the 'Ow! Ow! Owww!!' getting out of bed yesterday, I did it - I went for a run, returned warm and endorphinised, and stretched. Felt so superior - like someone who has their life together.  For a day.  

New On This Week:

Jostaberry Ripple

A jostaberry is a delicious cross between blackcurrant and gooseberry and these lovelies are from my neighbour's allottment - made into a red and fruity sauce and swirled into creamy vanilla.   




Hi Folks,
More than a week of the school holidays gone already - I hope it's working out?  I've had about one total purple-faced loss of control per day so far, not bad; I plan quality time with a child and by the time we set off we hate each others' guts, funny!
I agreed to go to the Lush Flagship Store on Oxford Street.  ('You can get things there that you can't get in any other Lush Mummy!' - imagine my excitement). The prologue kicked in: Horizontal Eating Child, TV unit one hand, phone t'other: 'Come on Mom, let's go! You are making me late!' Martyre Mum: 'If you would clear up your b....y stuff, walk the dog,hang out the washing we could b....y-well set off!!' Horizontal One: 'You're MEAN MOM'). We spent the outward journey not talking, made up, and the return journey wondering where the notes in my purse had gone. Our next trip is to Subway.  Yes, where you buy rolls. Thank goodness we live in London so we can access all this culture. Oh Man.  

New On This Week:

Banoffee Ice Cream with Toffee Crisp

Creamy banana and caramel ice-cream with chunks of toffee crisp. Yowzer.