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Banoffee with Toffee Crisp

Creamy banana and caramel Ice cream with chunks of toffee Crisp.  Yowzer.
Ingredients:  Banana, Orange, Condensed Milk, Milk,Cream, Toffee Crisp


Rosemary Ice cream

A delicate and delicious rosemary infused cream.

Ingredients:  Rosemary, Sugar syrup, Cream WHole Milk


Jostaberry Ripple

Jostaberries are a cross between blackcurrant and gooseberry.  THese lovelies are from my neighbour's allotment, made into a sauce and swirled with vanilla.

Ingredients:  Jostaberries, Sugar, Cream, Whole Milk, Free-range Eggs, Vanilla




Pistachio-y and deep, this is a treat.  You need to be hungry.
Ingredients:  Pistachios, Cream, Milk, Sugar


Melon and Orange Sorbet

Succulent and tropical, so melony and juicy!
Ingredients:  Cantaloupe Melon, Orange Juice, Sygar Syrup


Rose Petal Ice Cream

Delicately pink delicately rosy, a fresh and summery pot.
Ingredients:  Rose Petal Jam, Rosewater, Cream, Yoghurt, Golden Syrup Sugar


Coffee and Cinnamon Ice cream

A blend of two heavenly tastes - creamy coffee with a cinnamon infusion

Ingredients:  Cream, Whole milk, coffee, Cinnamon, Sugar syrup


Clotted Cream with Honeycomb

Creamy clotted cream ice cream with home made shards of honeycomb

Ingredients:  Clotted cream, Whole Milk, Free range eggs, Sugar, Butter, Golden syrup, bicarbonate of soda


Blueberry Cheesecake

Whole blueberries in juice swirled into a rich cheesecake ice cream and chunks of homemade buttery biscuit base.

Ingredients:  Cream cheese, free range eggs, whole milk, sugar, yoghurt, golden syrup, cornflour, blueberries, digestive biscuits, butter.


Lemon Meringue

Citrussy and creamy lemon cream with chunks of meringue

Ingredients:  Lemons, Cream, WHole Milk, sugar, meringue (egg-white, sugar)


Raspberry Pavlova

A deep fruity raspberry ice cream with chunks of meringue. 
Ingredients: Raspberry, Cream, Whole Milk, Meringue, Orange juice, Sugar


Sunshine Sorbet

Fresh juicy orange, lemon, lime and mango in an ice.  Citrussy and refreshing

Ingredients:  Oranges, lemons, limes, mango, syrup.



Creamy and heavy with coconut - dive in and wallow

Ingredients:  Coconut cream, condensed milk, Whole Milk, Cream, Coconut essence


Caramel with Crunchie

Fave Dulce de Leche with crushed up crunchie bar.  

Ingredients:  Condensed milk, Cream, Whole Milk, Crunchie Bar.


Fresh Mint with Lemon and CHocolate

Fresh MInt Leaves infused into Syrup, with Cream, lemon and grated chocolate.

Ingredients:  Fresh mint leaves, sugar syrup, cream, milk, peppermint extract, grated chocolate



Creamy, dense and lush lush lush.

Ingredients:  Whole milk, cream, sugar, vanilla, free range eggs.


Fresh Strawberry

Proper fresh strawberry ice-cream, no fake stuff, plus cream and sugar.

Ingredients: Strawberries, Sugar, Lemon, Cream, Milk


Mango Sorbet

Your mango hit.

Ingredients: Mango, Lime, SYrup .


Rich Chocolate

Dense, creamy and chocolately.

Ingredients:  Chocolate, Condensed Milk, WHole Milk, Cocoa