About Sophie's Ice cream

Five years ago, I started messing around with ice-cream at home in the evenings in order to look busy when it was time to put the children to bed. Then I asked my local park Cafe if they would buy ice-cream from me 'Any flavour you want!' (I just had the one flavour in my repertoire at the time) and suddenly I was an ice-cream maker of the human variety (HA!HA!).

Now I supply a few restaurants in Crouch End, and sell direct to customers locally.Though I ought to do the swell thing and MARKET a few popular flavours to high heaven, EXPAND and MULTIPLY to UNIVERSAL PROPORTIONS, that all seems quite the most horrible way to spend your life. Instead, I have the most fantastic time creating loads and loads of lovely flavours, and making every pot myself. I would love
to receive your ideas for new flavours,
so please send them in!